Celebrating 35 years of rich legacy, Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneswar is organised the 4th edition of the annual Business Excellence Summit from 29th September to 1st October 2022. The theme for this year’s summit was Transcending boundaries.

The day started with the speaker Manoj Kumar Swain, Founder, SOCH, recognized as one of the top 50 “Change Agents” of Odisha, sharing his views on the topic “Beyond Conventional”. He mentioned, “If you want to start a venture, one thing that is the most important is a match of values with your investors, and your investors should complement your skills”. The keynote was to find a balance between being professional and giving back to society.


The Annual Operations Conclave of XIM, Bhubaneswar was conducted by X-Ops, The Operations Committee of XIM in collaboration with the Business Excellence Summit 2022. The theme of the conclave was “Agility, Vision, and Resilience in Modern Supply Chain Business”. The speakers were Mrs. Reena Evans, Director of Operations Partner Experience and Catalog at Swiggy, Mr. Partha Roy, Co-Founder and COO of Azipro Systems, and Mr. Pravaat Kr. Kar, MD, and CEO of AVR Consultancy and Projects, and Mr. Jaya Krishna Das, Managing Director of Odisha Bridge and Construction Corporation.

The first speaker was Mr. Partha Roy, who shared insights about his career journey, challenges, and disruptions in the supply chain and also highlighted the requirement of functional agility in businesses.

The second speaker, Mrs. Reena Evans, discussed her journey in the e-commerce world and shared her learnings about flexibility, data reliability, and core vision, all of which are quintessential in supply chain management. The next speaker, Mr. Pravaat Kumar Kar spoke to the enthralled audience regarding his experience of working in close contact with the Odisha Government. The last speaker of the event, Mr. Jaya Krishna Das engaged in an insightful discussion with the audience on the management of the Works Department of Odisha. The event closed with an engaging Q&A session between the audience and the speakers and a vote of thanks by the Coordinator, Piyush Kumar Nayak.

Mr. Shubham Singh, Co-Founder and CEO of CRASTE, delivered a speech on ‘The Art of Social Entrepreneurship’, wherein he highlighted, “A social entrepreneur is someone who relates to others’ problems. We all do have a long list of our own problems, but there are hardly a few of us who bother to do something for others.” He shared his experiences from his startup and ended the talk on two keynotes: Firstly, “It is important to be passionate and it is okay if you do not have an idea, what is more important is that you have a passion that keeps you moving” and secondly, “Harness your potential through volunteering, a small act of kindness can change your life.”

The afternoon session started with Mr. Subhash Bhutoria, partner at DSK Global, who briefly discussed Intellectual property rights and law in general. “Everything has a law, and we should know some bit of it for our own benefit” was rightly emphasized and “As professionals, it is important that we look into contracts and deals, we don’t want to be agreeing to something we don’t like. Understand every bit, then only sign. Always be 100% sure” was correctly stated by the speaker. He time and again educated the audience about the law being an integral part of our lives and how one should be on the right side of the law to defend themselves. Finally, the speaker wisely stated, “Ignorance of the law is not an excuse ignorance of fact could be.”

The session with Rajesh Srivastava, Penguin best selling author of ‘The new rules of business’ discussed how every brand has an essence which needs to be understood. He emphasized that every industry that you work for needs to be reimagined. He said that “we have two choices: either do the things that have already been done or go out there and reimagine the industry”. He mentioned that, to understand the essence of any brand we must create an ecosystem based on the consumer insights. He spoke about how the industry is moving towards the “experience economy”, in such an economy the drivers are the customers and the employees. Satisfaction is given by the employees and thus it is integral to keep employees happy to keep your customers happy. He finally ended his talk by focusing on the business strategy “value migration” wherein he mentioned how businesses like Tesla, Netflix are operating where the value has migrated, that is sustainability and value generation instead of cost cutting. The event closed with an engaging Q&A session between the audience and the speaker.

The final speaker for the day was Prema Suresh, the Director of Mumbai Operations of Technip Energies and the first person from her family to become an engineer. She explained about the roadmap of software engineers, their futures, and their uncertainties. Subsequently, she talked about the future and uncertainties. She explained about the VUCA model, 3Ps of a business, and the importance of learning, unlearning, and relearning. She concluded her talk by addressing that “the future is how we mould it!”

The second day of the Business Excellence Summit ended on an eventful note where the stalwarts of the industry enlightened the students with their insightful sessions and urged them to enable the same in their respective career trajectories.


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