In a shocking but not unexpected display of audacity, China has released a so-called “standard” map that conveniently annexes vast portions of sovereign territory belonging to other nations. This time, it’s the region of Arunachal Pradesh that falls prey to Beijing’s insatiable territorial appetite. Such flagrant disregard for international norms and blatant expansionism underscores China’s continued aggression, and threatens global stability.

External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar aptly summed up China’s behaviour by labelling it an “old habit.” Indeed, it seems that China has made a habit of arrogating territories that are not rightfully theirs, whether through questionable historical claims or outright coercion. The audacity with which they revise maps to include parts of India is emblematic of a larger pattern of disregard for the principles of sovereignty and territorial integrity.

It’s clear that China’s intentions extend far beyond mere cartographic revisions. This latest map manoeuvre is part of a broader strategy to project power, assert dominance, and chip away at the established international order. It’s a concerning reminder that China’s ambitions know no bounds, and its willingness to undermine peace and stability in pursuit of its objectives is deeply alarming.

External Affairs Minister Jaishankar’s response hits the nail on the head when he emphasises that China’s absurd claims cannot magically make another country’s territory its own. The international community must stand united against such blatant attempts at land-grabbing and assert the importance of respecting established borders. Without a strong and collective response, China’s behaviour sets a dangerous precedent that could embolden other nations to engage in similar acts of territorial aggression.

As the world watches, it is imperative that the global community sends a resounding message to Beijing – unilateral attempts to redraw borders will not be tolerated. Diplomacy and adherence to established norms are the cornerstones of a stable international order, and China’s brazen actions threaten to undermine these principles.

China’s release of a new “standard” map that lays claim to Arunachal Pradesh is nothing short of a challenge to the norms that have underpinned international relations for decades. External Affairs Minister Jaishankar’s words echo the sentiments of nations worldwide – absurd claims cannot negate the reality of internationally recognised borders. The time has come for the global community to condemn China’s actions in the strongest terms, and reaffirm its commitment to a world built on respect for sovereignty and territorial integrity.

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