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I am Anita Majumdar, 38-year-old homemaker, and proud to be a part of the great Indian middle class family. Like other middle class families, our existence is a matter of monthly struggle. We put in our heart and soul to earn our monthly salaries, and plan our budget accordingly.

It is worth mentioning that though the middle class has an opinion on almost everything under the sun, yet nobody cares to think about us. Governments and corporates want us to spend our hard earned money by way of taxes or purchasing products/services. It is strange that the middle class never figures in the priority list of the political parties.

We want to provide decent education to our children, buy a house, and own a car. Our entire life cycle is about arranging for financial resources (which is limited, variable, and uncertain most of the times) in order to fulfil our dreams. The middle class plays a crucial role in the development of the country, but it is never acknowledged forget about being appreciated!

I want to highlight one very important point here – the Indian middle class is often ridiculed for the so called ‘middle class manners.’ In the end I want to reiterate that we are proud of our ‘middle class ways.’

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