Tragedies often reveal the stark disparities in our society, and the recent collision between a tanker and a Rolls Royce Phantom on the New Delhi-Mumbai Expressway is a grim reminder of this harsh reality. The incident, which claimed the lives of the driver and cleaner of the tanker in a fiery blaze, has ignited a blaze of its own in the hearts of those seeking justice.

In a just society, everyone is equal before the law. However, when power and privilege come into play, justice often seems to take a backseat. The involvement of Kuber Group director Vikas Malu, among the three occupants of the luxurious Rolls Royce Phantom, has raised serious questions about the fairness of the investigation.

As the charred remains of the tanker victims are mourned by their families, the question on everyone’s minds is whether the scales of justice will tip in favour of the wealthy and influential. It’s disheartening to witness the subtle manoeuvres and shield tactics that seem to be at play, attempting to protect those with deep pockets. The echoes of a system that favours the privileged reverberate loudly, reminding us that a different set of rules might apply depending on one’s socio-economic status.

Adding fuel to the fire are rumours suggesting that the tanker was on the wrong side of the road. However, in a just and fair system, the circumstances leading up to the collision should be investigated thoroughly, not distorted to serve a preconceived narrative. The focus must remain on seeking truth and delivering justice, rather than weaving tales to divert attention from the core issue.

The tragedy demands a thorough and transparent investigation, free from any undue influence or interference. The police have a moral duty to pursue truth and justice relentlessly, without being swayed by the stature or affluence of those involved. Anything less than a fair investigation would be an affront to the memories of the lives lost, and an insult to the principles of justice that should be blind to wealth and power.

It’s a pivotal moment for our society to stand up against the insidious privilege that often shields the powerful from the consequences of their actions. The collision should serve as a wake-up call to address the gaps in our legal and social systems that allow such imbalances to persist. If justice isn’t served in this tragic case, it will only fuel further distrust in the system and perpetuate the perception that money can buy freedom, even in the face of grave wrongdoing.

The horrifying collision on the New Delhi-Mumbai Expressway should be a catalyst for change. It should inspire us to demand a fair, unbiased investigation and hold those responsible accountable, irrespective of their wealth or influence. Only then can we hope to honour the memory of the lives lost, and create a society where justice truly prevails over privilege.

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