In the heart of India’s intellectual powerhouse, the Indian Institute of Technology, Banaras Hindu University (IIT-BHU), lies an unsettling irony that cannot be ignored. This institution, renowned for its commitment to nurturing brilliant minds and shaping the future of our nation, now grapples with the painful paradox of failing to secure the present, the very foundation upon which those futures are built.

In IIT-BHU, where innovation and excellence should reign supreme, a heinous act has shaken the very foundation of our educational institution. It’s a shameful incident that no one should ever have to endure, and the outrage it has sparked among students is more than justified.

The horror unfolded near a student’s hostel, where a girl student was allegedly subjected to a traumatic ordeal by three unidentified men. This isn’t just a case of harassment; it’s an act that defies human decency and leaves us appalled.

What makes this incident even more distressing is that these perpetrators, in their sickening audacity, recorded a video of their disgraceful act. Such an act not only violates an individual’s dignity but also shatters the trust and security that students should feel within the confines of their campus.

The response to this abhorrent incident has been a chorus of protests from hundreds of students. They’ve taken to the streets to demand justice and, more importantly, to demand a fundamental change in the security and environment within the IIT-BHU campus.

The students are right to ask that outsiders be banned from entering the campus. It is a glaring vulnerability that must be addressed. The campus should be a sanctuary for learning, not a hunting ground for predators.

Furthermore, the call for a wall to separate IIT from BHU is a desperate plea for safety. It is a stark acknowledgment that the university administration has failed in providing a secure environment for its students. This separation should not just be a physical barrier but also a symbolic statement that harassment and assault have no place in our educational institutions.

The institute’s response, while promising, raises questions about the long-standing lapses in security. The proposal for a closed campus is a welcome step, but it should not have taken such a horrifying incident to prompt action.

Tightening security and installing more CCTVs are necessary but should have been prioritised long ago. Implementing restrictions on student movement between 10 pm and 5 am is a practical measure, but we must also address the root causes of such incidents and ensure that educational institutions promote respect and equality.

The survivor’s account of the incident is harrowing. No one should ever be subjected to such horrors. The police must conduct a thorough investigation, and the university administration must cooperate fully to ensure justice is served.

The incident at IIT-BHU is not just a stain on the institution but a stark reminder of the pervasive issues of gender-based violence and safety concerns on campuses across the world. It is an issue that should concern us all, and it is a battle that we must collectively fight.

Let this incident be a catalyst for change, a rallying cry for a safer and more equitable educational environment. The students are leading the charge, and it’s high time that both the university administration and the authorities catch up. We must stand together to ensure that justice is served and that such shameful incidents are never repeated.

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