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My name is Priya Majumdar, and I am a homemaker. By all accounts, I belong to the Indian middle class. I am extremely delighted to get the opportunity to discuss the challenges that the middle class faces in India.

Right from funding the school fees, managing the kitchen expenses, and planning for the medical emergencies, it is a challenge at every stage. The issue is not just about the budget; every family has their fixed income and expenditure and that is the problem – the income is fixed, but not the expenses! The challenges encountered by the farmers and big businessmen always get the attention of the political leaders, but what about us. Nobody listens to us, but everyone wants our contribution. Is this fair?

Why can’t the government take into account our income before deciding on the price rise? The decision-makers must realise that India’s middle class, which they frequently flaunt to the foreign investors, aren’t mere showpieces! I feel we the middle class don’t make enough noise, so we are not heard. We will have to organise ourselves, and collectively raise our grievances.

I thank the Middle Class Hub for this amazing initiative.

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