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In public discourse, words wield power that can either unite or divide. Sadly, Indian Overseas Congress Chairman Sam Pitroda seems to have missed this crucial memo, once again, with his recent remarks that have sparked outrage and controversy.

Pitroda’s attempt to emphasize India’s diversity in an interview with The Statesman ended up being a textbook example of foot-in-mouth syndrome. His statement, “People in the East look like the Chinese, people in the West look like the Arabs, people in the North look like, maybe, White and people in the South look like Africans,” not only lacked tact but also reeked of ignorance and insensitivity.

The swift backlash from Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP leaders highlights the severity of Pitroda’s misstep. It’s not just about political correctness; it’s about respecting the rich heritage of cultures that make up our nation.

Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma rightly pointed out that India’s diversity is a strength, not a weakness. His words, “We are a diverse country – we may look different but we are all one,” resonate deeply with the ethos of unity in diversity that India cherishes.

Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh didn’t mince words, labelling Pitroda’s statement as “racist” and demanding a public apology. Such strong reactions reflect the sentiments of the people, especially those from the Northeast, who felt belittled by Pitroda’s careless words.

Pitroda’s track record isn’t helping his case either. His previous comments on inheritance tax became a political hot potato during election campaigns, further denting the Congress party’s image.

As advocates for the middle class, Middle Class Hub stands firm in condemning divisive rhetoric that only serves to sow discord. We call on the Indian National Congress to take swift action against Sam Pitroda, and reaffirm its commitment to inclusivity and unity.

Pitroda’s repeated blunders underscore the need for responsible leadership and a deeper understanding of India’s diverse fabric. The middle class, as a crucial segment of society, demands leaders who promote harmony and respect for all, regardless of background or region.

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